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Running an effective business requires paying close attention to detail. As taxation and accounting experts, and registered ASIC agents, we understand this better than most which is why we place high importance on our corporate secretarial services.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Keeping company database information current

  • Maintaining up to date records with the Australian Securities Insurance Commission (ASIC)

  • Attending to the lodgement of your business’ ASIC annual return

  • Attending to corporate changes in relation to directors or shareholders

  • Lodgement of forms with ASIC to appoint new board members

As a company, we promise to deliver and be accountable for all our services, which is why we’re pleased to offer flat fees for our corporate secretarial services.

Book in a face-to-face or phone consultation now to enquire about our flat fee corporate secretarial services.

online, MYOB and BGL360.

The best way to stay organised

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